French Kids Will Know More About Pleasure Than You Do Thanks to This 3-D Printed Clit


If you have access to the Internet (you’re reading this, so yeah, you do), you know what a penis and vagina look like. But what about the clitoris? To the naked eye, the clit looks a little like a button—the rest of the female pleasure powerhoue is hidden underneath folds of the vulva. So most people make it to adulthood without knowing the clitoris looks like a wishbone with two bulbous prongs. And that’s a big problem.

“It’s important that women have a mental image of what is actually happening in their body when they’re stimulated,” Odile Fillod, a sociology researcher, told The Guardian. (It’s important for men to know too!)

So Fillod created an anatomically correct, 3-D printed clitoris (see below), which will be used in French sex-ed classes this fall. She hopes the life-size clit will help women understand how they get off, and stop them from feeling abnormal if that doesn’t happen during vaginal sex. In this case, knowledge isn’t just power, it’s pleasure.

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